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"Let it all be about love - that is the one thing that will never go out of style."

How to fight social injustices through fashion


With simple education to raise awareness we can teach the means of "prevention" to a wider audience. Teams of different NGOs, some of whom made your piece are going into villages and schools to teach families the warning signs of trafficking, thus empowering themselves and adding more value to their own and their children's lives, something which outweighs money. 


Creation of jobs that offer competitive pay, skills and community. Everyone deserves a second chance.


It starts with one simple post, a conversation, or even your purchase. With your help our partners who made your beautiful new product can reclaim their lives, fight for freedom, and have a life changing opportunity. 

The Impact of Trafficking

I remember my first time walking down the Red Light District, I was 17 living in the Himalayas. I cant explain the weight shift of an atmosphere like this other then simply it felt heavier. Row after row of bars. Hundreds of women sat outside. I made it my intention to look them eye to eye and smile. Looking deeper. I promise you this- if eyes are the window to the soul all I could hear was a cry out. A haunting reality that 27 million enslaved in the world today now had a face. The eyes of a Himalayan girl no older then 8 still burn in my memory. She with a ripped up dress and dirt covered hands looked me eye to eye. I saw brokenness, I saw her wandering mind as she was high on glue, I saw what was unfortunately the reality of many. My memory after just sitting with her speaking my broken Nepalese and many a hugs later fades out to her running away from the other street boys who were pushing and teasing her. I should’ve done more.

While now I have continued to work in Red Light Districts as well as at risk areas throughout Asia, Africa and more recently Central America over the past 3 years. My heart has been broken and broken again. Only catalyzing my dream more and more.

The Future is Freedom

Millions of women and girls are being sexually exploited around the world today. This is happening in our lifetime, in our country, in our cities. Our mission is to shed light on the issue of human trafficking and to empower the girls and women who are at-risk.  Awareness has grown significantly over the past few years, but we still have a long way to go. Our vision is to see sex trafficking abolished in our lifetime. Jewelry isn't going to change the world, but we're fully convinced that the women who wear it will!

Why Women? 

Wear Love believes in the power and empowerment of women worldwide. We were created to be a part of a solution to a global crisis and calling. Since our birth i’ve personally been over tens of thousands of miles searching for, meeting with, and cultivating with our artisans partners! I’ve been so blessed to be the personal one behind the camera and living in each of these authentic moments. 

Why NOT Women?

Many studies have showed the significant impact that women bring back into their community when given proper trades, professions, and wages! Empowering one women truly creates a ripple of change for her and generations to come!

The Beginning of Wear Love

This brings us to the birth of the Wear Love Wagon. Born from a dream and a mission to make a sustainable difference even if it is just for the one. Our roots always carrying a fighting pioneer spirit. The idea of a mobile boutique to create mobilization of educating every person who steps foot in the Wagon to learn of Human Trafficking and how they too can be a solution to worldwide problem. An awareness model I hope to utilize and catalyze others into cultivating their dreams. We carry with us to each event the ability to be an atmosphere shifter. Creating our own culture of redemption and movement of love. We get to be more of a showcase then a store. To show off our sisters beautiful handmade pieces with an even more beautiful backstory. Each piece made from artisans worldwide who are survivors of human trafficking, women in at risk situations, as well as refugee women. 

The Wear Love Wagon opened its doors for its first show in June of 2018. We are proudly Colorados first Non Profit Mobile Boutique. Wear Love is growing beyond my wildest dreams. And I so strongly believe when you work hard and dedicate your dreams to helping others- watch how beautifully the world will work with you. At the moment we have Artisans in 7 different countries on 3 different Continents. Raising over $30,000 in sales to help women worldwide rewrite their redemption stories. Helping women who have escaped trafficking, at risk situations, and refugees who are fighting for freedom stories that will be passed down for generations.