What You Wear Matters

Denver Mobile Boutique Fighting Human Trafficking

And regardless of what else you put on, Wear Love. It's your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.

Purchase with a Purpose

Empowered Leadership

We wish to cultivate a society of change by asking questions of where products are made and their impact. We aim to inspire people whose values are more than thread deep.

Mission-Driven Village

Human Trafficking is an enormous battle to combat that will take all of us. We strive to educate, equip, and accessorize our catalysts to be a physical part of the solution.

Handcrafted Materials

We value the quality of our artisans' time and how each product is uniquely handcrafted and beautifully curated just like you and me.

You may never see her face or know her name but she is the reason we fight. 

Wear Love is Colorado’s first non profit mobile boutique! Our dream is to be a solution to worldwide social injustices through the power of what we put on. We wish for our customers to physically wear out a piece of a redemption story, found freedom, a piece of love. Handmade masterpieces that are literally changing stories and generations of men and women. Wear Love Wagon is a global marketplace that has jewelry, clothing and accessories made by artisans in 10 different countries in 4 different continents!

Each Wear Love purchase helps eradicate worldwide social injustice. Our products are artisan made by men and women who are survivors of human trafficking and/or come from communities with fewer opportunities. We believe in empowerment and employment can be a solution to such a global crisis. As well as priding ourselves on the actual manufacturing of each product benefiting the community and environment it’s made in.

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